Lego League



Byron-Bergen’s FIRST Lego League Team Information

What is First Lego League?

Students are immersed in real-world science and technology challenges. First Lego League (FLL) teams to research and design their own solutions to a current scientific problem and build and program autonomous LEGO robots that perform a series of missions.

What do Teams do?

  • Work together as a team for 8 weeks.
  • Program robots to solve challenges
  • Research a current real-world problem
  • Design a solution to that problem
  • Share their findings with the community.
  • Compete at the regional competition

When do teams meet?

Registration is open from June 1-30th each year for the fall season.  Teams will meet twice a week (days and times will be determined by coaches’ availability) at the Learning Center at Gillam-Grant,  starting  August 1st through mid- November. Teams compete in Rochester, NY in mid-November.

Program Registration Policy

Register online or by phone (494-1621) or in-person at Gillam-Grant Community Center. Registration and payment with GGCC is required one week prior to the program unless otherwise indicated. GGCC reserves the right to cancel programs for any reason including lack of participation. Decisions to cancel classes due to low enrollment are made one week prior to the start date. If a class within a given program is canceled, Gillam-Grant will make every effort to reschedule the class on a similar day, at a similar time. If this is not possible, the class may need to be made up on a different day and/or time. Gillam-Grant adheres to a no-refund policy unless otherwise indicated specific to a program.  Gillam-Grant reserves the right to charge a $40 returned check fee.