2018 Lego Build Off

2018 Lego Build Off

The 1st Annual Learning Center Summer LEGO Build Off! 

Official 2018 Rules

How It Works

Use your imagination to build a LEGO Dream House and compete with other builders to win this year’s  Summer LEGO Build-Off! Prizes will be awarded to each age category for ages 5-14.


How to Enter

Stop in Gillam Grant to fill out an entry application by June 30th.  Use your personal LEGO collection to build your LEGO dream house.  Take a picture of your creation with your numbered entry card (you’ll get this when you come in to fill out your application)  Submit your picture and entry card at Gillam Grant or email to tracey@gilamgrant.org  Wait to see if you won! Winners will be announced August 31.


Basic Rules

Build your own original LEGO creation at home.  No official LEGO sets may be used. All creations must be original work and not copied from anywhere else. You are allowed to use resources to help you.  All LEGO mini-figures are allowed.  Entry pictures must have the entry card number visible.  Entries must follow all the rules to qualify for judging and prizes.  Entries will be judged by a group of 3 judges.  All entries MUST be

submitted by August 30, 2018.   Winners will be announced on Friday, August 31 via our Facebook page.  (If you win, you’ll be contacted by phone)


Prizes will be awarded in each of these groups: Grades K-3, Grades 4-6, Grades 7 and up.  Teams are welcome and will be grouped by the grade of the oldest builder.  Builders may enter only once, either as an individual or part of a team.  For questions, concerns, or more information email Tracey@gillamgrant.org.


Click here for registration information.